Tying Glo Bugs®

1.  Secure the thread to the hook.


2.  We start tying with 3 strands of Glo Bugs® Yarn that are about 18 inches long (You can add or subtract the number of strands depending on the size of Glo Bug® that you are after). Pinch the Glo Bugs® Yarn tightly between 2 fingers.  Put the Glo Bugs® Yarn on top of the hook all at once, wrapping it in the center 4 times. (Do not let the yarn slip around the hook)

3.  Pulling the Glo Bugs® Yarn back, wrap the thread directly in front of the yarn behind the eye about 8 times.

4.  Circle the Glo Bugs® Yarn at the base 3 times. (Keep the yarn pulled up on top of the hook)


5.  Fill in front of the Glo Bugs® Yarn to the eye with thread.


6.  Whip finish or half-hitch the thread and cut it off.

7.  Holding the Glo Bugs® Yarn verticle, cut all at once in a slight arc.


8.  Fluff the Glo Bugs® Yarn down with your fingers and trim round. 


Tips for tying Glo Bugs®

We have tied over 1,000,000 Glo Bugs®! There are many different methods and styles of tying, but this works best for us. We can finish a Glo Bug® in under 1 minute. Our Glo Bugs® are round with the bottom completely filled in. With a little practice you can be tying quality Glo Bugs® fairly quickly. To tie a dot, add in one contrasting color. Keep it on the top as you tie. Glo Bugs® Fly Yarn or Micro Yarn works great! ...  Tension is very important. Keep as much tension as your thread will bear especialy as you tie the yarn to the hook... We recommend a ceramic bobbin... Shears should be very sharp. The sharper the shears the smoother the cut will be... If you are tying more than one Glo Bug® at a time you can use a length of Glo Bugs® Yarn to tie with, as opposed to using small pieces. Make it from 12 to 18 inches long and tie off of one end.

Yarn Dubbing

This tip was submitted by Tom Deane: Take Glo Bugs®Yarn in any color and cut it in 1/4 inch pieces. Put it in a spinning blade coffee grinder for a couple of seconds. It makes perfect dubbing for small flies! It sparkles and is real buggy!


                                                 (These are some of Toms flies made with Glo Bugs®Yarn!)

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